Who is Orbit Disc Golf

My name is Kevin and I am the owner of Orbit Disc Golf.  I come from a background of individual sports.  Activities like snowboarding and motocross have always been how I’ve passed the time.

Once I was turned on to disc golf I started to understand a whole different type of competitive sport.  The study of the bio-mechanics of disc golf was a natural path for me given my background in kinesiology.  The ‘mental rush’ that I got from trying to outdo myself round after round was addicting and I found that competing against other golfers was one of the hardest tests of mental toughness I had been through.  I found it extremely rewarding.

I have teamed up with artists, athletes, trainers, pro discers and business people to promote the sport of disc golf.  That’s what my mission is.

If you are reading this then chances are you feel the same way I do. I appreciate the opportunity to help you express yourself through this great sport.

Who is Orbit Disc Golf? You are.