Innova Thunderbird Review

Innova ThunderbirdThe 2014 Disc of the year, the Thunderbird is a speed 9 driver with exceptional glide and gentle fade. I have tried several Thunderbirds of various weights and the first thing I noticed was that they start quite over stable. This is pretty typical for most of Innovas Champion plastic discs. Im no slouch with the arm speed either, out of the box I out a 169 Thunderbird on a flex line and it fought out fast.

The Thunderbird doesn’t take long to break in so it has a nice glide but holds its stability well for awhile. I haven’t found a Thuderbird that doesn’t feel nice. All the ones I have seen are pretty flat and the rim has a nice feel right out of the box. I threw a S-Line PD for a long time and I would say the Thunderbird compares well to that. Paul Mcbeth throws both saying the Thunderbird has more glide which is true but the overlap in these two discs is apparent for most players. Maybe a C-Line PD would have less glide than my S-Line?

It took a few tree hits and maybe 10 tosses before it started to glide and go very straight and gets down the fairway in a hurry. Overall I have to say I was skeptical of the ‘faster teebird’ hype but I don’t know how else to describe it. ┬áMany players will find this disc perfect for stable shots without having to go Firebird or use a faster disc with a larger rim. It also has less turn than comparable speed drivers like the Valkyrie, Beast or Orc.