The Painstaking Details of Your Technique

Here is a great video of how you should start practicing your shots. In kinesiology we always talk about breaking a movement down into parts, practicing those parts and then putting it all together. This video of Dan Beto will help you with putting together a proper disc golf throw.

He emphasizes the last part of your throw where your elbow and then wrist become the levers. This is where most of the spin is generated from. If you are not ‘hitting’ than all the reach back in the world will only be wasted energy. You can have zero reach back and a solid ‘hit’ and throw further than a player with ‘no hit’.

If your throw doesn’t look anything like this, don’t worry. It doesn’t take long to get the hang of it and figure out that you can throw much further and hit long lines better as well.

It is always frustrating to go backwards in your technique but like so many other sports it is sometimes imperative. Think about football, Maybe you can throw a football amazingly against your buddies or even at a collegiate level, but if you want to play at a PRO level you need to learn the painstaking details.

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