Shoulder Recovery Vlog 1

Here is a video I made at the start of the month regarding my shoulder recovery.  I dislocated my shoulder back in February snowboarding and it has happened three more times since.  I thought if i just played disc golf and refrained from other more extreme sports this shoulder thing wouldn’t be an issue.  Unfortunately I did damage to my shoulder labrum forcing me to have surgery to fix it.

I played disc golf all summer long with this injury and it didn’t stop me too much.  It did inhibit me from throwing distance forehand shots and overhead shots.  I won’t be back on the disc course playing until well into next spring.  Hopefully when Spring comes i can get into the field, get my distance back and re-train my muscle memory for putting.

I will be posting videos after surgery documenting my recovery in hopes that anyone else going through this will be able to gain some confidence about having the surgery done.  I look at other recovery videos out there and it looks like people are having a hard time and really need to be patient with the recovery.  I hope to learn from that.

Wish me luck!


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