Our Mission Statement


As I was writing the mission statement for Orbit I had no real direction for it.  I knew that my goals for the company were to produce quality products and make disc golf a mainstream sport,  but the actual wording I had never done.  So I began to write as I thought about those principals.  What came from my pen was something I never expected and has become the most important part of our mission statement.

“Orbit will grow alongside Disc Golf and not ahead of it”.  At first I thought it was simply a nice quote that summed up how I felt my company should grow, but as I re-read it I began to feel some very real power in the words.

I hope that when you read that quote you feel the same thing that I do now.  This one small sentence lets all potential Orbit customers know why we are in this business.  We are in this business to promote Disc Golf, not to make money.  Money is a secondary thought for the company.  Now, I, as a business man understand that the best way to create the most influential Disc Golf brand is to have a lot of capital.  So money is a tool to use to reach our number 1 goal, making Disc Golf mainstream.  On that same note I also understand that if Orbit can give back to the world more than it receives in net profit, than customers will always be available.

I intend to work with customers to create a brand that people can relate to.  Orbit is not just a clothing company either.  Orbit is dedicated to developing products that help you become a better disc golfer by coaching and training but also focusing on injury prevention and longevity so you can play disc golf your entire life.

Our first item of business in order to bring Disc Golf to more people is to reach out to public schools in our home state as well as working on projects like the Disc Golf Expansion Project headed by Nikko Locastro (which also is working on showing disc golf to school kids).

I think we can do work on several fronts at once.  We all know the fitness benefits of disc golf.  If we can make disc golf a gym time activity for students, they are likely to participate in it for years to come.  This sport offers an outlet for fitness for all types of people, making it a great way to battle sedentary behaviors.

Please share your thoughts and ideas about how we can push the sport of Disc Golf.

For more info on the Disc Golf Expansion Project visit Nikkos Blog here.