How Can I Help Spread Disc Golf?

disc golf awareness

Just go out and Play!

Disc golf is a sport that has the capability of helping the world.  It is a challenging game that requires mental strength, strategy and experimenting with physics.  It puts players in nature and allows play from people of all ages.  Since disc golf is rather inexpensive, it is accessible to many people with the opportunity to reach every country on Earth.  An activity as helpful and fun as disc golf needs to be shared and knowledge needs to be spread.  So how can you make a difference in the disc golf world?  There is plenty you can do to reach out to people who could have their lives changed by disc golf.  Spread disc golf awareness by doing the following things.

Practice in Public

If you have a basket, take it to public places like parks and schools and practice your putting.  Create an open vibe so people do not hesitate to approach you and ask what you are doing.  My experience is that many people have heard of disc golf, but do not realize that there are people dedicated to it so much that they actually practice outside of a course.

If you do not have a basket just take your discs and practice some up shots or play ‘target golf’.  Be prepared to explain the sport to people, even children.  Tell them where they can go to play and if someone seems super interested you could even have some old discs you don’t mind giving them.  They will be so ecstatic that someone was willing to give them something for free.  This feeling will always be associated with disc golf for them and they could turn into a disc golf enthusiast for life.

Take Someone disc Golfing for the First Time

Pick a nice day and invite someone to play disc golf with you who has never played before.  Make sure to have extra discs for them to borrow and start them on the right track.  Meaning they should be throwing slower discs at first and focusing on mainly hyzer shots.  Try to play a course that is noob friendly so they do not get discouraged.  If they are struggling, allow them to step out of the woods and practice throwing in open areas.  Do not keep score during the first round, just let the person get the feel of throwing a disc.  Most people have thrown a Frisbee before but they will be a bit surprised by the flight of a golf disc.

It is unlikely that they will dislike the sport so much that they never play again.  Either way they will be talking about the experience with others and will most likely have the confidence to play with other players from then on.

Wear Disc Golf Brands

Disc golf brands are designed to stand out and allow people to express their love for the sport.  By wearing disc golf brands you will be exposing people to the sport.  You will find people asking you about your clothing and probably ask where they can get similar clothes.  I find that a lot of older people ask about disc golf brands for the younger people in their life, which is great.  This shows that that the idea is spreading and younger people are showing interest in disc golf.

People usually wear clothing brands that correspond to their hobbies.  Snowboarding, skateboarding, motocross, ball sports, hiking, climbing, racing are all examples of activities that have specific clothing brands.  Disc golf is no different, so if you are a disc golfer make sure everyone knows you are.

Post About Playing on Social Media

If you are heading out to the course, let everyone know by posting about it on your favorite social media.  Tell people when you will be there so they can meet you and play together.  The idea is that impressing disc golf talk on the public will build awareness and eventually help disc golf go main stream.  Check into disc golf places using social media to get more impressions on your friends.  When people start saying ‘you’re always playing disc golf’, or ‘I always see you post about playing’, you know you’re doing a good job.

Give Discs to New Players

We know that one of the biggest mistakes in disc golf is new players choosing discs that are too fast for their abilities.  By giving away discs to newer players you will help them figure out what they should be throwing in a more efficient way.  Giving advice about it is good as well but some people are better at receiving advice than others.  Simply saying ‘try this disc, it is what you should throw, and go ahead and keep it’ will be your best bet, and people will appreciate it enough so they will actually use the disc.  Some will be interested enough to talk about disc speed and pass on their new knowledge to others.  This is ideal.

Share the Sport with Someone Under 10 Years Old

You must have some young children in your life.  Maybe neighbors , nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters or children of friends.  No matter how you know them, talk to them about disc golf.  Start by simply playing toss with a small diameter and light weight Frisbee.  They will have a blast throwing and catching it, then start throwing at targets and introduce them to baskets. You may find the next world champion!


The growth of disc golf will be dictated by the people who play the sport today.  The next steps are fairly obvious, the only question is do we have enough dedicated people to create a disc golf atmosphere that is helpful, safe and fun.  If we can create that atmosphere and show towns, states and countries how beneficial the sport is, we will have no problem gaining audience members.  Be a positive ambassador for the sport and remember when you wear a disc golf brand you not only represent yourself, but you also represent all of disc golf. By practicing these things you will automatically be spreading disc golf awareness.

What are some other great ways to spread the love of disc golf?