First Day Back

Disc Golf in MaineSo it has been over eleven weeks since I have had surgery on my torn labrum in my right shoulder. Somewhere around week 6 I got tired of not being able to throw and started using my left hand. After 5 weeks or so I am getting pretty good at lefty shots. I can stand still and throw a 250 hyzer very consistently with my left hand. With the weather finally starting to ease up I decide it was time to go back to the course.

I hadn’t played on a course since the beginning of October of last year. I planned on throwing mostly left handed but putting with my right hand and a few short shots that require mostly writs snap.

The first few holes I couldn’t find my drive. I realized that being on the course was much tougher than throwing in my yard. My putting was obviously brutal and will need constant work the next few weeks to get into shape.

My right handed form on approaches was very good and it felt nice. I could tell when I was throwing too hard with the right hand which was a clear reminder that I am not out of the woods yet.

Once I began to remember my form I made a few really nice drives left handed. I figured out that I am not quite comfortable with an X step yet when I need accuracy. If I stand still, reach back and follow through I can have very good accuracy and get good spin on the disc.

I learned a lot just from being back on the course about what I need to work on for better form and disc speed. Learning to throw left handed really helps me with the form on my right handed throws. Since I need to break down every little step and practice it, I can see where I need work on my righty throw. Sometimes our natural ability to ‘throw’ a disc gets in the way of perfecting our form. It might feel right but it isn’t, the same way perfect form doesn’t always feel right at first but you get used to it.

All in all I am happy to be back out there. I know where I stand now when it comes to how much work I have to do. It feels like I won’t be able to throw full power for a while but progress has been coming fast so I will stay patient. My first tournament is in the beginning of May so I have the month of April to get back to it.