Finished Product- Green Swirl Disc Golf Hats

So the Green Swirl hats have arrived ahead of schedule and they look great. I got some grief for making a black on black logo since it is not 100% text book marketing. But who cares? I didn’t make this design to be marketing material. I created it because that is what my audience said they wanted! I think they look bad ass and might have to set one aside for myself!

Here is how they came out;

Orbit Disc Golf Gren Swirl Hat front

Orbit Disc Golf Green Swirl Hat back

The price for these hats is 25 dollars + shipping. That is a great deal considering the quality. Shop around but you won’t get this quality for this price. I have chosen Flex Fits highest performing material for this hat which means that along with staying durable they breathe well and wick away moisture to keep you fresh and comfortable.

Not even to mention that they are DOUBLE embroidered. They feature the standard Orbit logo on the front and Orbits trademark “O” on the back.

I have a limited number of these so if you want to be wearing one you better order NOW by using the form below.

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