Disc Golf in 2013

I am so excited for spring. In the northeast spring means we no longer have to man up and battle snow covered fairways, but this year for me, it means I will actually be able to play again. My shoulder recovery will last well into the year but I hope to be back at the game by mid-March. Either way, there is so much going on in the disc golf world that 2013 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

With so many great companies popping up to represent disc golf it is going to make the sport more attractive to larger corporations. Although that has several negative implications, it is however the way sports and entertainment grows. With bigger business and popularity will come more incentive for touring players and in turn create even more popularity.

Prodigy is off to a great start with the release of their D1 and D4 drivers. I see many distributors reporting that they are running out of their original stock of Prodigy discs. I’m still not certain what convinced all those players to convert to Prodigy but I have to think that the discs must have flown pretty nice when pros like Nikko Locastro, Paige Pierce and Will Shusterick tested them out.

Dynamic Discs also is diversifying their catalog and adding disc golf bags to their repertoire. They have teamed up with Ogio to make a sharp looking bag and one I plan on testing out this April. Late 2012 they began releasing their own line of discs and got a few pros to start throwing strictly DD plastic.

Many people have started making a decent living from disc golf in some of the more non-traditional ways. Disc dying has become very popular and people have been able to quickly cash in on a lucrative market. Not to mention disc golf art in general. Disc golfers are known for having a deep love for the game and that shows up in the disc golf art market as well as the disc golf collector market. I think it is safe to say the artistic side of disc golf is more than a fad.

New courses are popping up all over the world but especially in the US. City and state parks are becoming very open minded to the idea of having disc golf courses embedded within their boundaries. This is most definitely do in part to the advantages disc golf can give local communities. Parks are not the only ones creating new courses. In my home area private pay to play courses are popping up all over.

I spoke to the owner of one of the most popular courses around and he told me how he originally wanted to sub-divide his land into house lots. However after getting the idea from his nephew he looked into disc golf and decided it would be a more fun and lucrative way to use his property. So far I think he is right, he has three 18 hole courses and one 9 hole course. On any given day his parking lot is packed and I know he enjoys maintaining the course.

People are getting more involved than ever as well. From local team challenges to the Disc Golf Expansion Project, people are giving everything they have to make disc golf a more recognized activity. I think they love putting in this effort because disc golfers really believe that the sport can give so much to the world and I agree.

Yup, 2013 looks like it will be the biggest year in disc golf history. I predict some of the biggest turn outs to PDGA events as well as local events around the country. It is a fun, exciting and lucrative time to be involved in disc golf. Whether you are a recreational player or a veteran competitor, keep doing what you are doing and support your local disc golf association!