Disc Focus – Innova Rhyno

When in question I know more golfers that reach for a Rhyno than any other disc. The Rhyno is so nice for reliability. It is a slow disc with little glide and brakes like a sports car. I throw my Rhyno a little shorter than my challengers but if I have a shot in the 250-280 region with a few obstacles, maybe a low ceiling, maybe I cannot afford a skip, I am reaching for the Rhyno.

The Rhyno starts off as an over stable putter that has dependable fade. It evolves into an ultra-straight disc at 250 feet that will stop on a dime. The Rhyno comes in many plastics including champion, R-Pro and Star. It used to be made in Pro plastic and that was the heyday of the Rhyno. I throw mostly stock plastic so a good max weight R-Pro works great for me. I usually get either orange or blue.

I like the thumbtrac on the Rhyno, for whatever reason I feel like it allows me to determine distance easier. It allows me to have more of a modified power grip rather than the fan grip I use for other putters. Most of the Rhynos I have used are also good a grabbing chains. It makes them good for spin putting in the wind or for deep throw ins. Once the disc gets broken in you can shape some amazing anny lines with it and it really becomes all out utility.

Chances are you know what I’m talking about or you have heard it all already from a friend. The Ryhno is the hardest disc for me to take out of my bag because I probably throw it 20 times on a course. Give it a try and see if you don’t find it super useful.