Disc Focus – Innova Eagle- X or L?

In my opinion the Innova Eagle is one of the best fairway drivers ever produced. There is a lot of debate over which disc is better, the Teebird or the Eagle. Teebirds are amazing as well and given together Eagles and Teebirds will serve most of your fairway driver needs. However here I am going to talk about the Eagle and the two molds that the Eagle comes in.

Eagle X vs Eagle L What’s the Difference?

Many Eagles will simply have an ‘E’ written on the bottom from the Innova factory. Others will say ‘S-EX’ (on star plastic). The ‘E’ version is actually an ‘EL’ which means it has a Leopard bottom giving it more turn. The Eagle X is has less turn. Innova has never talked about this difference and does not confirm that an ‘EL’ has Leopard bottom, but if you look at the disc and throw it, it is very obvious.

With an EL and an EX In your bag you will be able to handle almost all fairway duties. The thing I like about the Eagle is that even when it beats in you can still depend on the fade. A seasoned EL becomes a longer Leopard. It will have a good amount of turn when thrown flat but eventually will fade left. A seasoned EX turns into a very straight disc with some dependable fade.

For a speed 7 fairway driver I feel that Eagles fly very far. They have slightly less glide than a Teebird but can be better for shaping lines. If you have a super straight wooded shot you might pick up your Teebird, but if you need to bend around a tree and then fade back left, an EL is exactly what you need.

If you have thrown a Leopard and loved it, pick up an EL. Be patient because out of the box it flies more like an EX, but season it up for a few weeks  and you will begin to see its benefits.

How to Know the Difference

It is easy to tell the difference between an Eagle L and an Eagle X. If you look at the wing, the rim on an EL will be smooth and straight. An Ex will have a sharper rim and round inward. Here is a picture of the two discs with the EL on the right and the EX on the left. Notice the straight rim on the EL, while the EX has a sharper more concave rim.

Eagle X on the left and Eagle L on the right.

Eagle X on the left and Eagle L on the right.

I think you should check out both discs. By making an Eagle with a Leopard bottom as well as the regular mold of the EX, Innova has given you a great line shaping disc along with a very reliable driver, even in a bit of wind.