Disc Focus – Discraft Meteor

Ah the Meteor, one of my favorite discs to throw. The meteor is an under stable mid-range disc made by Discraft that has a stability rating of -.5. This tells you it is a good right dogleg disc for right handed back hand throws. But there is a lot more to the story when it comes to the Meteor.

The meteor started off as the 2006 Discraft Ace Race prototype and quickly made its way into the lineup.

So what’s so good about the Meteor?

Well for starters beginners will like that it is easy to make fly straight. However any level of player will notice right off the bat the unusual amount of glide the disc has. It carries very far without max effort, add this to its under stable nature and it makes an amazing disc for shaping hard lines in the woods.

A Meteor does not react very well to anhyzer releases. As a slower under stable disc it is perfect for hyzer flips. When thrown with a 7 o’clock hyzer angle it will flip up flat and ride straight. When thrown with a less severe hyzer it will flip over and land to the right.

Throwing it almost flat will get you the dog leg right shot that is sometimes required, especially from players who want to avoid forehand shots. Its crazy the lines you can shape with this disc, if you can visualize it you can make it fly the line. With a little practice the Meteor will find a place in your bag for all wooded courses.

The Meteor is also a decent tailwind disc. The tailwind makes it much more stable and with its glide it can stay aloft despite the tailwind.

A popular plastic for the Meteor is the ESP plastic because it is a bit more rugged. You dont want to let your Meteor get too beat up. Another great plastic is the cryztal plastic because of its super durability.

The Meteor is very unique and doesn’t fly like many other discs. I also throw a comet and I think the comet can handle an anhyzer release much better. The comet does have a slightly more stable rating so it makes sense but the comet does not have the glide of a Meteor.

The Meteor could be a specialty disc for some but if you like throwing hyzerflips and shaping lines in the trees you should give this disc a few pulls. I don’t know many people that simply say ‘naw I don’t like it’.