Disc Focus – Discraft Hornet

discraft hornetThe Discraft Hornet is an overstable mid-range and a great disc in the wind, for dogleg shots and for open hyzers. What I like about the Hornet compared to other over-stable mids is that it has a good amount of glide. Discs like the Drone, Demon and Gator are great for wind but lack the glide of the Hornet in my opinion.

Although some argue that too much glide gets you into trouble when the wind picks up I would say it’s not an issue with the Hornet. For shots over 320-330 I would probably club up to a new Eagle-x or even a firebird. I love having the extra glide plus the durability if Discraft’s Z plastic. I also carry a Zone and think the Hornet Zone combo takes care of all my over stable duties out to about 350 feet if its open.

There are so many mid-range discs out there with more coming out all the time. Many people talk about the Wasp as being as stable as you need, or even a new roc, however I want assurance of a strong fade and I get that with the Hornet. I don’t think there is any reason to carry a drone or other more stable mid with the Hornet in the bag.