Creating a Disc Golf Brand

Hello Disc Golfers!

Allow me to introduce you to Orbit Disc Golf.  Orbit is a name that was spawned after many hours of brain storming names.  In order to come up with a name for my disc golf company I did several things.  I tried ‘word vomit’, the art of writing ideas down without thinking about them at all.  The result of this was several pages of names that had no ring to them and no desire for me to pursue.

I knew I had the passion, energy and desire to create a company like this, but I have a hard time imagining design and brand creation.  I looked for help in the best place I knew, internet forums.  Internet forums are responsible for me knowing everything I know about marketing online.  I networked with the right people and was shown where to go for the knowledge I needed to be successful.  So I figured it was a good place to start for this project as well.

Well I am sure glad I did that.  Within a few days of sharing my idea on a disc golf forum I had a private message from a college student majoring in graphic design.  He said he had created a logo as a concept for a class he was in.  He showed it to me and said it was for sale.  The logo was the one you see representing Orbit Disc Golf today.  The ‘O’ trademark is perfect because it implies flight just by looking at it.  The brand says something about the sport without saying anything, and that’s what I wanted.

Part of any successful business is to recognize talent and bring in people who are the best at what they do.  This is what happened for the creation of the Orbit logo.  I hope you find the uniqueness in the design and the action that it represents.  I will put my heart behind this brand to make sure it represents disc golfers.  when you wear the Orbit logo you will be representing disc golf, I hope to spark a conversation about disc golf every time someone un-aware lays eyes on the Orbit brand.

Do you have an idea for a Disc Golf company but don’t know where to start?  We can help guide you, get in touch.