Show Me Your O Face


The sales on the black flex fits with the green Orbit Swirls are going pretty good. I decided to set one aside though because I got a great idea. In the spirit of the Orbit Disc Golf “O” I want to give away a hat to someone that shows their best “O” face. So what is going to go down is people will send in pictures of the “O” face. The “O” face happens when you nail a super long shot like an ace or a putt and the whole group yells “oooooh!”

Here are a few rules;

– All pictures must be appropriate, enough said.

– Pictures must be on a golf course

– Users will vote and comment on photos

– Any submitted photos will become property of Orbit Disc Golf

– Pictures should be of you but do not have to be

– I will make the final decision on the winner

– Void where prohibited

Email photos to They will be posted on the blog for people to comment on and vote. This is suppose to be fun so don’t be scared!