Roc3 and Innova’s Future

With all this hype surrounding the Roc3 and the insane ebay auction prices I have seen, it begs the question, whats next for Innova?  Disc golf is making leaps and bounds and if you don’t have a PDGA number yet you might end up with a 6 figure identifier if you don’t hurry.  This means more players, more disc companies and more competition.

While the Roc3 is making news around the disc golf community it is news from Innovas Star Team that is really rocking the disc golf scene.  After Nikko Locastro’s short stint at Innova it left plenty of people wondering what the deal was.  Was Nikko’s patented diversified plastic selection too much for Innova to handle?  Now that Will Schusterick has announced he will not be with Innova in 2013 everyone’s attention is on disc golfs biggest plastic manufacturer.

With companies and manufacturers on the rise and technology allowing more competition in the industry, players are not going to tolerate a ‘one brand bag’ any longer.  What ever made Will and Nikko decide to leave Innova it has made an impression in throughout disc golf.

Now Innova is talking about creating more ‘3’ series discs like the Mako3 and the Shark3.  With so many molds and so much overlap, has Innova become a victim of its own success?  Only time can tell, but I am certain that Innova will be forced to adapt or die.  The disc golf market is become a target for young and hungry entrepreneurs who have a passion for disc golf and are willing to sacrifice profits if they can break onto the scene.

It is an exciting time in disc golf and i hope that Innova does adapt.  They have made discs that champions have won with for years now.  However they will need to conform to their  users in a time when quality discs are easy to come by.