Green Swirl Orbit Disc Golf Hat

Get ready for the first release of a non-prototype Orbit Disc Golf product. You chose them so here they are, Green Swirl Black Flex Fits.

Below is a picture of the mocked up design of what your hat will look like but keep in mind that the logo will placed on the blank flex fit had further down the page.

proto red and blackj

Description– The hats used for this production run differ slightly from the 5 panel hat in the original picture. Below is a picture of the ACTUAL hat used in the production of the Green Swirl Orbit Hats.



These disc golf hats are made from a lightweight high performance material, comprised mostly out of polyester. It has the look and feel of wool but shouldn’t make your head itch as much as a wool blend may. This hat will also breathe better in summer time and has very good moisture wicking abilities. Bottom line is that this hat not only looks great, it is made from top quality material.

These hats should be available by  January 29th. There is a limited number available for each hat size. If you want to secure one for yourself you can pre-order by clicking on the Paypal button below.

Price is $25 dollars plus shipping.

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