Week 5 Shoulder Recovery Routine


It has been 5 weeks since my Bankart lesion repair. My shoulder was feeling very good the last few weeks. I started doing active range of motion therapy this week and it has gotten a little sore. This is the fits time I have used my muscles in the shoulder since before January 4th.

Here is the routine I am doing currently to regain strength. It is not much at all but I am staying on the conservative side.

Front Shoulder Raises no weights 1 set of 30 – Raise shoulder from your side to 135 degrees

Lateral Raises with no weight to 135 degrees – 1 set of 30

Internal Shoulder Rotation with theraband 2 sets of 30

External Shoulder Rotation to 25 Degrees no weight

Isometric Shoulder Contractions- An isometric muscle contraction is when your muscle is firing but you are not moving any weight. For example if you are trying to lift an object that is too heavy for you to budge.

I do isometric shoulder contraction by holding out 12 ounces in my hand straight in front of me for as long as I can.

This is a fairly conservative active range of motion routine but I have no reason to push it. I feel a little sore after this routine but it is getting better each time. The next step will be to add light weight to the routine, do it more often and have no range of motion restrictions.