Shoulder Surgery and the Birth of an Idea

If you have read the ‘Who We Are‘ section of this website or if you know me personally, you know that I need to have surgery on my shoulder.  I dislocated my arm 4 times in 2012 and now the ‘cup’ that holds the humerus in place is pretty beat up.  I played disc golf all summer long like this and although a normal back hand throw doesn’t bother too much, I can barley throw forehand and cannot throw overhand.  I have always been a very versatile player utilizing all shots in disc golf so this was tough for me to accept.

I was putting off getting this surgery done because I thought I would just avoid activities where it could pop out again.  A few weeks ago I dislocated it the fourth time while simply trying to climb onto my back deck.  Obviously it needs to be addressed and really the off season is the best time right?

So yesterday I had the MRI that took pictures of my shoulder joint which will give the doctor an idea of what he is dealing with.  They had to do an arthogram first which means they inject the contrasting dye directly into my shoulder joint with a needle.  It wasn’t too bad, over very fast and then the MRI itself is only a mild pain in the butt because you need to lay perfectly still for 25 minutes.

Now, the hardest part of getting over all this is that the recovery time will be about 14 weeks of rest and therapy.  I am a Kinesiology  major and I know what it will take to get me back to my A game.  Although the surgery is weeks away I am already planning my recovery.  While thinking about what I can do to build my strength back up I think about all the options available to me.

Resistance bands are a favorite piece of workout equipment for me and i have used them for disc golf training in the past.  It makes sense to incorporate them into my recovery.  Other companies have tried to use bands as a basis for training inventions but they have major flaws.  When you throw a disc your wrist and arms are uninhibited as far as angles go.  I have an idea to make disc golf training more efficient by removing the band totally and focusing on the device that you will holding in your hand.  You can choose to use bands as your resistance but you could connect it to anything.  Clip it to a chain that is tied to a tire and pull it across your lawn, or more traditionally, take it to the gym and snap it on a weight stack at varying heights.

Its funny what drives invention and if I never had this injury I may have never thought twice about this kind of thing.  This idea is not real yet so I can’t give away all the details but I would like to get everyone opinion and ideas.

Many people I have talked to say that the only training equipment you need is a field and some trees.  They don’t understand what disc golf training can give you.  First of all it is essential for people like me who need to recover from injury.  It also can keep your body young and will add years to your playing career no matter if your a pro or a rec player.  For the rest of people who are not injured and not worried about aging, disc golf training can make you a better player.

Repetition is key for the body to master any athletic act.  Most agree with this and say ‘ya that’s why I play over 400 rounds a year’.  This isn’t the most efficient way to get better.  How many rounds have you completed and felt worse about your game?  I know we are all going to have peaks and valleys but supplementing your rounds with training will increase your core strength, develop your reach back and give you that ‘snap’ you need.  Unless you have a coach or are practicing with an expert it is hard to develop your stroke.

Video and field work are essential tools but partner that work with ‘non disc’ training and you will take your game to new heights faster then ever.

Please let me know what you think about disc golf training or if you have any ideas.