In The Bag Spring 2013

photoHere is my current Bag. My bag itself is an Innova Competition bag with the caddy pack. I love this set up, its perfect.This list is most likely going to change when things get rolling this spring but it is the way it is considering many right fading hyzers 320 feet (normally forehand shots) and in will be lefty shots. Some discs get used more for lefty only simply because I have practice with them.

Putt and Approach Discs

I like to use a lot of putters for throwing. With practice they are very predictable and reliable.

175 Yellow Discraft Stamp Challenger- Main Putter, concave top feels awesome, stable putter

175 Black EMac Challenger- Back up Putter, less concave

175 Pro D Challenger –  Workhorse for approaches, I like to drive with this disc on holes that are around 300 feet and even further if downhill. Good for wind as well

175 Soft Challenger- Very Beat up, hyzer flips and turnoversshots

175 Rhyno- Good in wind, great breaks, over stable, flys like a rock (not roc) 250 and in

R-Pro Aviar- Very Beat, great for super straight approaches


173 2nd First Run Buzzz- Super Straigh but holds an anny line well, workhorse midrange

180 DX Roc- Straight with late turn, rare flight path for me, very beat up

177 10yr Buzzz- More stable Buzzz shots/ sometimes changed out for Glow Buzzz

177 Pro D Buzzz- Hyzer flips and turnovers

175 Meteor- Sweeping hyzers and flip up shots, amazing for line shaping, huge glide

170 Zombee- Utility disc, 330 foot consistent hyzers and hyzer flips.

Fairway Drivers

175 Echo Star Teebird- Straight Teebird great for right and left handed throws

175 Eagle X- More fade than Teebirds, same distance, better for wind

175 Eage L- Turning shots that need fade, used for shaping wood lines

177 DX Teebird- Hyzer flip and turnovers

175 Champ Teebird- This one is kept for more stable shots and light winds

Distance Drivers

175 S- Line PD- Longer straight shots with good fade

175 P-Line PD- Less stable than the S line, maybe a little more distance, more hyzer flip and turn, good glide

170 TD Fever- Turnover disc and roller

175 Echo Star Wraith- Max distance as straight as possible

175 Star Wraith- Slightly more stable than echo plastic

175 Pro Wraith- great glide and hyzer flip

175 Star Destroyer- Max D, left fading hyzers and in the wind

I also use a 175 beat up Z Nuke for distance sometimes and have a champ Destroyer for extreme headwinds, it is a 170 and my most over stable disc. I also sometimes add a Comet X to the mid range slot, this disc is very straight and good for flip ups both right and left handed throws.

As my progresses I will hopefully be clubbing back up to Destroyers for max D duties. My bag has 24 discs and I feel that is perfect for choosing righty and lefty shots. Where I play mostly there is a lot of woods and many lines need to be formed. I used to use a Valkyrie for wooded hyzer flips but I have become more comfotbale with Teebirds, Eagles and PD’s.