Disc Focus – Discraft Challenger

Cryztal Z Challenger

There are a ton of putters out there and everyone has their die hard opinion as to why their putter is the best. That is until they lose their groove and get caught in a slump. I firmly believe that success comes from the player and not the putter. If that is true what exactly makes a good putter?

In this post I will highlight why I choose to putt with the Discraft Challenger. The Challenger has a long history with pros and it is part of what I consider the ‘Big Three’ of putters which include the Discraft Challenger, Innova’s Aviar and Gateway’s Wizard. These three putters have probably won a majority of all PDGA majors and have solidified their place in disc golf history. Here is why I choose the Challenger.


When I get a Pro-D Challenger I know how it is going to feel and fly. I don’t need to get a JK or KC or SSSSSSSS…. You get the point. For 8.95 I can get the most consistently made putter that I have purchased. A Soft Challenger is the same way, it wears in very consistent and you know what you are getting.

Consistency also refers to the way the disc flies. Challengers are stable and they stay that way. A max weight Challenger even in Pro-D plastic takes a beating and flies better than many stable midranges in the wind. I have a 169 weight Pro-D that lives up to the ‘holds any line’ cliché. Hyzer, flat or anhyzer it is super reliable.


The Challenger remains consistent within each of the plastics they come in. Elite Z may fly different than Cryztal or FLX but you can count on it being consistent within each plastic. Each plastic has its own benefits. Cryztal is super tough and make awesome throwers. They have a little less glide but do well in wind. Elite Z has more glide than Cryztal and seem to be a little more stable for me but others would say different. The Challenger also comes in FLX plastic and Elite X. Older Challengers such as the first runs were made in firm Elite X and are very nice to throw. These days you can only get soft Elite X Challengers.

The Bead

I like the small bead that Challengers have. I used to have a hard time deciding whether I wanted a bead or not, then I found the Challenger. It has the perfect bead especially on its tougher plastics. The Pro-D plastic has a tendency to wear out the bead quick but hey, at 8.95 it’s not really a big deal.

I think that Challengers are the farthest flying putters out there. I throw them farther than any other putter and as far as some of my mid ranges. I won’t boast any distances until I can get a video up to back up my claims but it’s nice.

If you are looking for an over stable putter that feels great, goes far and is very consistent you should try a Challenger. If you are stuck on an Aviar or a Wizard, pick up a Challenger and give it a toss. Try it for jump putting, still putting and throwing from the tee, I think you will like what you see.